Aleena Aspley Legal Disclaimer

Aleena Aspley Legal Disclaimer

Aleena Aspley Legal Disclaimer, outlining the terms, conditions, and limitations of using the site’s content or services.



This Bodywork Directory, serves as an advertising platform to showcase and promote my holistic, transformative, and awakening alternative energetic bodywork practices. It’s an avenue for individuals seeking authentic and empowering bodywork experiences.

Ms. Aleena Aspley, a highly experienced practitioner of nearly 20 years, holds various certifications that reflect her expertise in this field. With a background as a Certified Sexological Bodyworker (since 2010), a Somatic Sexologist, NEO Tantra Professional Practitioner, and Somatic Sex Educator, she brings a wealth of knowledge and skills to her practice. Her commitment to holistic well-being extends to other certified modalities.

Ms. Aleena Aspley takes pride in her role as the Owner and Creatress of an array of unique modalities designed to enhance the mind, body, and spirit. These modalities encompass a holistic approach to wellness and personal transformation, seeking to empower individuals to unlock their full potential and experience profound growth and awakening. With these certifications and her wealth of experience, she is dedicated to helping clients discover the transformative benefits of alternative energetic bodywork.






All holistic bodywork modalities detailed on this website are not intended as a replacement for traditional medical treatment.

I strongly advise that you engage in diligent research and consider whether my bodywork offerings and style align with your needs. If you are facing a significant health concern, I urge you to seek the guidance of a qualified physician or other appropriate medical professional.

In cases of uncertainty, I recommend reaching out to your healthcare provider or a qualified health expert before scheduling a bodywork session through this directory webpage.

Ms. Aleena Aspley, located in North Brisbane, Queensland, Australia, does not assume any liability in this matter.

Aleena Aspley Legal Disclaimer

NOTE: I work clothed during all my bodywork sessions.

Aleena Aspley Legal Disclaimer

error: I will be reporting any instances of content copied from my website to Google Legal. If your website promotes explicit content, and I discover that you've utilized my content to enhance your SEO rankings for such content, I will not hesitate to file a report. Please note that you do not have my authorization to duplicate any content from my website. Furthermore, it's essential to recognize that "Kinkassage" is a registered trademark, and you are explicitly prohibited from using it to advertise your services. This message serves as a notice of my intent to enforce these rights. Aleena Aspley September 5th, 2023




Ms. Aleena Aspley

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NEO Tantra Professional

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Ms. Aleena Aspley Brisbane Qld Australia


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